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Trending Now: Rose Gold in the Bathroom

Rose Gold Fixtures in Bathroom

Over the years, rose gold has grown in popularity. From electronics to jewelry, fixtures in the home and everything else in between, the striking shade of gold has been an available option that many have grown to love.

More recently, we have begun to see the use of rose gold design elements on the rise in bathroom fixtures. In fact, we received our first rose gold sample just a few days ago.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is actually considered a gold-copper alloy– a healthy mixture of gold, copper and silver. The silver is what helps to give rose gold the beautiful rosy tones. We also know that rose gold is trendy and beautiful– a color that many decor aficionados around the world are swooning over.

Feminine Touch in the Bathroom

Rose gold exudes all things feminine with its lush pink hues. It is also a compelling color that delivers a youthful appearance and adds the perfect amount of womanly touch to any bathroom.

Works well with any Color Palette

Rose gold works well with most skin tones and color palettes, as well. It has the ability complement any color options you choose for the bathroom and has the ability to add that much needed splash of color and warmth.

If rose gold isn’t for you, then that’s okay! There are plenty of other options that will look great in your bathroom.

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