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Clean Water is Safe Water: World Water Day

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. You may be wondering: what is World Water Day and what does it mean to me? The answer is easy: water is the staple of a healthy lifestyle and is what keeps us going.

According to the purpose of World Water day is to focus “attention on the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.”

Why is clean water important?

Clean water is important because it is vital to our health. Think of it this way: we tend to avoid fast food and other unhealthy foods because of the negative impact junk food has on our bodies. Therefore, we limit the amounts of junk food we consume.

However, we don’t often consider that the water we are consuming may be unhealthy, too. Unsafe water is a global issue because of the toxins and chemicals unclean water has. That is why it is important to fuel your body with clean, safe water.      

How can I make the water in my home safer?

At Miramar Kitchen & Bath, we are proud dealers of Scale Stop Plus– a system designed to provide homeowners with healthy, safe and great tasting water. Here are some benefits of this unique water system:

  • It is an eco-friendly solution.
  • You’ll have great tasting and softer water.
  • It removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and chloramines.
  • It removes 99% of harmful metals like copper, mercury & lead.
  • You’ll have cleaners mirrors, shower doors, plumbing fixtures and dishes.

What else can I do to spread awareness for the importance of clean water?

In other parts of the world, the water isn’t so clean and people do not have the means for clean water. That’s why Miramar Kitchen & Bath and Bluewater Manufacturing have partnered with an organization called Water Mission International with one goal in mind: to help promote clean water throughout the world. Here’s their initiative:

-Purchase a single-tank Scale Stop Plus system and $20 will be donated to Water Mission International
-Purchase a dual-tank Scale Stop Plus system and $40 will be donated to Water Mission International.

In purchasing a Scale Stop Plus system, you will not only reap the benefit of healthy water, but so will people who also do not have the privilege of safe water.

What is Water Mission International?

Water Mission International is a non-profit Christian engineering ministry committed to providing safe water solutions for countries in need. To learn more about this organization, visit their website

If you would like to learn more about Scale Stop Plus or purchase a system for your home, contact us today. (Be sure to ask for our Scale Stop Plus expert, Martin).