Wood Species: Five types you should consider


Wood Species to Consider for your Cabinetry

Cabinets are the staple of your design but come with many decisions such as the finish, the door style and even the type of wood. With that many options, choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming.

However there is good news: no cabinet will be the wrong choice and there is a cabinet that is sure to suit any taste.

Keep reading for the pros of each wood type to help narrow down your choices.


If you’re looking for a smooth and durable wood, maple is a great option for you. Known for its versatility in paints and finishes, maple can create an effortless look in your kitchen or bathroom.


From natural warm colors like deep red to reddish brown, cherry creates an elegant, rich look. Cherry also takes well to dark stains, so anyone in the market for dark wood and versatility should consider cherry cabinets.


Wood lovers rejoice: oak is a cost effective, durable wood will make you (and your friends) swoon. As trends come and go, oak cabinets will continue to impress with the grain’s desirable looks.


Unique is the first word that comes to mind when describing hickory due to its natural, stunning uneven color. Because of this, hickory is bound to add a unique design element to your kitchen or bathroom.


Versatility, durability and low maintenance cabinets are something many people are in search of. If you’ve been on the hunt for a cabinet that offers all three, thermofoil is a great option for you. Thermofoil is a vinyl material which creates a seamless, smooth surface. It’s also humidity resistant!

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