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Icelake Polished Kitchen

Project Overview


After researching contracting options for her kitchen, this client and a friend of hers visited our Design Center to start getting ideas for her project.

Our client had a clear and concise idea of what design and features she would like to use in her kitchen and relied on her Project Manager from Miramar Kitchen & Bath to make sense of it all.

Design & Functionality


In the first few meetings, the client discussed the look she was going for in her kitchen: white countertops with hints of gray and white cabinets. We would show her different options that fit within her budget and she loved each option for her kitchen.

The overall design of this kitchen is transitional with modern elements. The bright white cabinets and the pastel paint in the kitchen creates a fresh look and an airy, open space.

The Challenges & Solutions


Budget played a huge factor in the remodel of the kitchen. Our client came to us with a few things she wanted in her kitchen: a small office space and boot box cabinets. However, with her budget, some desires were not attainable. That’s where our expertise came in; we began the process of elimination and helped her to determine necessity vs. luxury and showed her cost-effective materials that fit her vision. Through this process, our client got the small office space she wanted and was also able to use the materials she envisioned!  

Before & After


“Jeff was incredibly helpful in making sure I got the kitchen design right for my needs. Jeff + installers were easy, professional, friendly + well organized, NO WAIT!”

-Holly H.