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Brittanica Quartz Kitchen

Project Overview


The owner of the Cambria Brittanica Quartz kitchen came to us as a referral from a previous client, but she made sure to do her research. She interviewed many contractors but was not fully sold on the services that were offered. When she came to us, she was impressed with our customer service and selection of materials. Soon after she became a client of ours.

Throughout the process, we guided her through her kitchen remodel, making sure she had a space that would meet her needs and achieve her design goals.

Design & Functionality


If we had to describe this kitchen in three words it would be: modern, clean and functional. The brittanica quartz kitchen marries beauty and function for a look and feel that is truly the best of both worlds.


When our client came to us, she knew exactly what she wanted: a beautiful design and functional space that would allow her to navigate the kitchen with ease. With many options available, we added a trash container and cleaning caddy pull-out under the sink, roll out drawers in the cabinets, tilt-out drawers, a divided silverware drawer and a LeMans pull out in a corner cabinet. Our client is also an avid baker and desired to keep her baking sheets organized, so we added custom dividers in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

The Challenges & Solutions


One of the most challenging aspects of a remodel is the decision-making process. The overall color palette, the doorstyle of the cabinetry and the color of the grout are just a few of the choices that can leave a homeowner feeling overwhelmed.

Although our client knew the particular style she was looking for, she sometimes required help in making final decisions on materials for her kitchen.

To help her with choices, we assembled four to five meetings in our Design Center to offer ideas, suggestions and options for a smooth design experience. We offered advice on what would and wouldn’t work in the kitchen’s configuration as well as the pros and cons of each product she chose.

Before & After