bankers hill master bath remodel

Surprising Story Behind a Bankers Hill Master Bath Remodel

Bankers Hill Surprise Master Bath Remodel

In 2017, a young man came to us, saying he wanted to remodel his Bankers Hill master bath. The remodel was something that he and his wife had discussed, but never had the time to do since they were both active duty military.

The young man planned to surprise his wife who was coming off of deployment in just a couple of short months.

Once he decided to take the plunge, there were some challenges we had to deal with.

1. We had a very tight deadline to work with and very little wiggle room.

2. Our next jobs were being scheduled into 2018 which meant, in normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have started the job until after his wife returned home. But this wasn’t a normal circumstance.

As a thank-you for their service, we made changes to our schedule and worked with this young man to make sure his surprise would be complete by the time his wife returned home from deployment.

The work didn’t stop with us. When ordering materials for the remodel, we let our suppliers know the story behind this project and they worked extra hard to ensure the remodel would be finished in time for the big surprise!

With everyone’s hard work and dedication to the project, we finished just in time for her return home! It was an honor and privilege to work with this young family and we hope that he and his wife love their beautiful bathroom!

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